Fitness Photoshoots

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Gym and Fitness Photoshoot plans begin with finding a location or gym free of obstructions. Next deciding on a basic theme which varies from a glamour style to a more candid approach.  Establishing a time frame for the amount of settings and poses desired helps us come up with your price quote. Promotional shoots for a Fitness Profile can be planned once we establish the individuals needs. Is it digital files for a website, large print, magazine publications or promotions? Anything from building your Facebook page, a simple website or hanging a glossy poster at the Gym. 

Boot Camps are a fantastic opportunity to document before and after achievements. Quality photography can make the experience even more memorable. Ask about group rate packages that are available to Cross fit Groups and similar programs that transform athletes physiques. 

Once we have all the media needs covered, outfits and some basic props which are up to the personality of the subject. Depending on the amount of time your package is agreed upon, outfit changes are welcome and encouraged. Ken has years of experience posing and composing subjects in a way that is always complimentary. Posing in the mirror before your shoot is a great idea and helps during the shoot. Knowing your comfort zone and feeling good about what your doing is an important part of looking confident while enjoying your session. I don’t work exclusively with one hair and make-up artist but can recommend some great local choices that I have worked with in the past. 

Best time frame to book your shoot is generally within 2 weeks of your competition. I am a firm believer that it doesn’t necessarily have to be the day before or after a show.